If you a just starting to become behind on your mortgage, it may be best to consider a forbearance, loan modification, or short sale. This list of options is not to be a complete list of options but an example of commonly used strategies. Often several strategies can be used simultaneously. Contact us for a Free Consultation.


Forbearance is an option where the lender allows you to make up the arrearages in a short re-payment plan. Often the lender will require that you not only make up the past due mortgage payments over the next few months but also pre-pay insurance and taxes for next year. In many cases this may add great expense or double your monthly mortgage payment. But it can bring your account back to good standing.

Until your account is in good standing, the lender has the right to proceed to foreclosure. While you are behind on your mortgage payments, you may want to monitor your counties foreclosure lists

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Loan Modification

Loan Modification or Loan Mods as it is commonly called is an option by which the lender can use a government program such as Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives (HAFA) or an internal lender program to modify the terms of your mortgage loan.

Many have been frustrated by the process because they find that they may have to submit documents over and over, may be asked for more than the program requirements mentioned all while still facing the threat of foreclosure. Most people have found that the process can take a few months to over a year. Even though loan modifications have been easier to obtain in the last year, still a small percentage of those who apply receive a permanent modification. Many give up or do not understand the process at all.

Our law firm has guided many people through the loan modification process. We first review to see if you meet guidelines, if we agree then we can represent you and begin the process. We have trained paralegals that over see the process and attorneys that can step in when necessary. We do the work for you.

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Short Sale

Short Sales are an option to sell your home while the amount due on your mortgage is greater than what you can sell the home for. An example of a short sale is where the lender is owed $229,000 but the home can only sell for $179,000. A difference or shortage of $50,000 is present. If the lender approves, the home can be sold at the reduced price without the homeowner needing to pay the shortage at closing. The homeowner can avoid foreclosure and not suffer the impact on their credit report and avoid other financial ramifications of a foreclosure.

We can refer to competent Short Sale Specialist real estate agents that may be able to assist. We also suggest an attorney review your short sale documents so you understand the ramifications of what is being signed.

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Sale of the Home

Selling the home to payoff the mortgage is a great option if you are behind and have some equity in the home. It allows the homeowner to move to a more affordable living space that fits better with the new income.

We can review contracts and facilitate a title transaction. This is more important if there are no real estate agents involved in the transaction.

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